Session Title: Teacher Creativity and Paths to/for Student Voice (presented by members of ESME)
Session Description: This workshop is for teachers who are curious about using jamming in their classroom and are looking to gain the comfort and expertise needed to do so. After a quick introduction on how jamming is used to facilitate student creativity and voice, we will explore some simple and creative strategies to introduce jamming in your classroom by jamming together. After years of encouraging our students to create, we are prepared to help teachers feel comfortable enough to access their own creativity.  At the end of this session, we hope that more teachers will have the confidence to jam with their students and that all will see the value in experimentation and improvisation in their classrooms. Please bring an instrument for this session.
Clinician(s): Rebecca Phillips and Kayla Garrett Focus: Band- I/S Location: London Sponsor: Long & McQuade

Phillips_Garrett_Jamming_ Teacher Creativity and Paths for Student Voice_Sat Nov 9 2019

Session Title: Teaching Classical Guitar
Session Description: This workshop will focus on some of the resources and techniques that I have had success with in my classroom. It will provide you with an overview of what a Classical Guitar program might look like in your school from Grades 9-12.
Clinician(s): Kevin Kennedy   Focus: Strings – I/S   Location: International A    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Reading Session
Session Description: The Ontario Strings Association is proud to collaborate with industry to introduce new strings titles to string educators in Ontario. Educators are encouraged to bring an instrument to the session and join the core orchestra in playing through the titles. The session will include recommended teaching and rehearsal approaches to the pieces as well as highlighting pedagogical concepts covered in the repertoire.
Clinician(s): Megan Benjafield   Focus: Strings   Location: International C   Sponsor: Ontario Strings Association

Session Title: Modern Music for the Modern Student
Session Description: Programming experimental and non-traditional music that encourages composition through the use of non-traditional notation develops individual musicianship through improvisation, or creates student engagement through the integration of technology fosters higher-order thinking in the student musician. This session will sample repertoire from a variety of levels, highlighting elements of graphic notation, aleatoric opportunities, found percussion, improvisation, electroacoustic treatments, and minimalist techniques. Suggestions of score preparation and pedagogic strategies will assist educators in maximizing their student’s performance of “the music of now.”
Clinician(s): Leah McGray & Armand Hall    Focus: BAND – I/S    Location: Peel    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: Introduce the Ukulele and Keep Them Playing!
Session Description: Ukulele for Junior Students – How to introduce these easy, accessible instruments, in a way that is easy for them (and you) and will keep them playing. Learn what easy 1, 2 and 3 chord songs will quickly build your students’ skills and keep them engaged and learning. Integrate ukulele into song, movement, chant, and Orff. Tips on storage, tuning, and distribution will be shared.
Clinician(s): Lisa Cooper   Focus: Strings – P/J    Location: Halton    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Cooper_UkuleleforJuniorStudents_Saturday (1)

Session Title: Get off to a Great Start with Your Jazz Beginners
Session Description: Steinel will address the challenge of teaching jazz style, improvisation, and rhythm section concepts to young musicians. Concepts will be demystified and broken down into practical step-by-step approaches, which can easily be applied by directors with little background in Jazz.
Clinician(s): Mike Steinel   Focus: Promotional Band – I    Location: Aurora    Sponsor: Hal Leonard Corp

Steinel_Get Off to a Great Start with Beginners_Saturday

Session Title: Bob the Artist!
Session Description: Using Bob the Artist by Marion Denchars as our inspiration for this session, participants will be guided through a gallery of abstract expressionistic art after a discussion about the characteristics of this art style. Participants will then complete a reflection chart to accompany two pieces of art in the gallery to which they feel an emotional connection. A rhythmic or melodic motif will serve as an anchor for composition, the visual images will serve as inspiration for musical composition. This can then be transferred into movement as another form of artistic expression and communication.
Clinician(s): Angela Warren and Rose Suter   Focus: J – Orff    Location: Toronto A & B    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: Fostering Focus & Intent in Performance
Session Description: We can play the notes! We can play the rhythms! There’s even a crescendo! Now what? Join Dylan Rook Maddix as he gives ideas to get your band playing beyond the notes on the page, improving their musicality through a mindset of focus and intent.
Clinician(s): Dylan Rook Maddix    Focus: Band – I/S    Location: Montreal A & B    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: 100 Teaching Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts for the Elementary Music Classroom
Session Description: Are you looking for exciting ways to engage all learners in your classroom, as well as new ideas and resources to inspire and simplify each day? This workshop will share 100 ideas for songs, games and resources, as well as teaching shortcuts, tips for evaluation and organization, and teaching strategies.
Clinician(s): Judith Bean    Focus: P/J    Location: Ottawa    Sponsor: OPUS 100

100 Teaching Tips – Handout OMEA – Judith Bean 2019 (4)

Session Title: The High School Belter 101: What you Need to Know to Make Sure They’re Doing it Healthily
Session Description: Presented with lots of tips and tools learned in many years of teaching music theatre styles to high school students AND working with other voice teachers, this fun and informative clinic provides the anatomical, physiological, and technical information needed by high school music teachers not only to ensure that their students are singing music theatre styles healthily, but that they’re doing it well and that they’ll be able to do so for a long time.
Clinician(s): Shannon Coates    Focus: Choral – I/S    Location: Windsor    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: The Ultimate Twinkle Twinkle
Session Description: One song, a dozen possibilities. Geared towards kindergarten and primary level teachers, this workshop demonstrates how to cover all the basics in Early Childhood Music using a well-known children’s song. From beat and rhythm to movement and melody, you can address all the fundamental concepts through engaging musical experiences using limited resources.
Clinician(s): Chris Marti   Focus: General – P   Location: Hamilton    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: 100 Ideas for Your Drum Circle Program
Session Description: Doug will teach us how to integrate his traditional drum circle facilitation techniques with recreational music making that will inspire full student engagement. The workshop serves all populations, from at-risk youth to community building, and leadership programming. This workshop is highly interactive, inclusive, inspiring, and culturally relevant. It emphasizes the teaching process to enhance performance.
Clinician(s): Doug Sole   Focus: World Music Promotional – All Location: New York
Sponsor: Remo Drum – Jam Industries

Session Title: Courageous Composers
Session Description: This workshop will provide quick and easy, hands-on, composition ideas that you can use in the junior classes tomorrow! Our goal is to give our junior students the confidence to create and compose music. This workshop will include many different approaches incorporating rhythm and pitch, recorder, ukulele, and rhythm instruments. Whole class and individual composition activities will be explored in an engaging, fun, hands-on session.
Clinician(s): Melinda Metzger & Kendra Skinkle   Focus: General J/I   Location: Paris   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Metzger_Skinkle_Courageous Composers_Sat_session_5_ 2019 Handout

Session Title: Mental Health Plans – Individual Help for Today’s Teens
Session Description: We follow IEPs for students identified with learning challenges. Our school developed a mental health plan with similar goals. Using opportunities made available through the TLLP Program, our school team developed ‘Mental Health Individualized Plans’ (MHIPs) to support our students. This session will outline our design, successes and challenges as we implemented this strategy over our first year, including providing resources that you can take back to your own school for discussion and implementation. We are a rural school with low SES and a high population of Indigenous students.
Clinician(s): Chris Theijsmeijer   Focus: General – S   Location: Mississauga A   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Professional Tips for Working with Your Rhythm Section
Session Description: Many music teachers have told me over the years that they would love some help on how to get the most out of their rhythm section in their Jazz bands. They have a clear understanding of how to work with the horns, but when it comes to the rhythm section, they have more difficulty. This clinic is intended to help teachers understand basic to advanced concepts of bass, drums, piano, and guitar in various styles so that they are better equipped to help their students.
Clinician(s): Mike Downes & Mark Kelso    Focus: Band – I/S   Location: Mississauga C   Sponsor: Yamaha Canada