Countdown to Amplify 2020!








Call for Clinicians / Industry Workshops

The call for clinicians for Amplify 2020 has now closed. Thank you for your interest!

Call for Papers - OMEA/CMIEC Research Sessions
Concerts & Cameo Appearances

Check back in the spring of 2020 for an amazing list of concerts and cameos!

Conference Guide

The finalized conference guide will be posted in October, 2020.

Conference Rates

Full Conference (Thursday-Saturday)

ACTIVE MEMBER: Early Bird: 310.75 Regular: 367.25 Late: 423.75

RETIRED MEMBER: Early Bird: 180.80 Regular 214.70 Late: 248.60

FULL-TIME STUDENT: Early Bird: 113.00 Regular: 135.60 Late: 158.20

HONORARY LIFE MEMBER: Early Bird: 141.25 Regular: 169.50 Late: 197.75

1 Day Conference

ACTIVE MEMBER: Early Bird: 220.35 Regular: 265.55 Late: 310.75

RETIRED MEMBER: Early Bird: 124.30 Regular 146.90 Late: 169.50

FULL-TIME STUDENT: Early Bird: 90.40 Regular: 101.70 Late: 113.00

HONORARY LIFE MEMBER: Early Bird: 101.70 Regular: 113.00 Late: 124.30

*Early Bird Registration Closes at 10pm on Friday, October 2nd * Regular Registration closes at 10pm on Friday, October 30th * Late Registration is anything received AFTER 10pm on Friday October 30th. In order to register for the conference, students will require a “Student Plus” level of membership. Please upgrade your membership from “Student” (the former “Green Card”) to “Student Plus” if you wish to attend the conference.

Onsite registration Fees (November 5,6,7)

Please take note of our new on-site registration fee increase. On-site registration fees include a one-year membership renewal. We encourage all conference delegates to register online in advance of the conference and take advantage of our advanced pricing options.

  • Active · Full Conference: $527.85· One Day: $414.85
  • Retired · Full Conference: $332.10 · One Day: $253
  • Full-Time Student Full Conference: $222.75 · One Day: $177.55
  • HLM · Full Conference: $222.75 · One Day: $149.00
Hotel Information

Book your hotel NOW for Amplify 2020! Book early to avoid disappointment. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW!

Industry / Exhibitor Information

Information about our Industry and Exhibitors will be posted in the Fall of 2020. If you are interested in applying to be an exhibitor at the conference, our Exhibitors’ Application Form will be made available in the Spring of 2020.

Public List of Registrants

The public list of registrants will appear here in October of 2020

Workshop Schedule

The workshop schedule for Amplify 2020 will be posted in September of 2020.

Workshop Descriptions

Workshop descriptions are not yet available