Session Title: Foundations for Improvisation
Session Description: Beginner Band is a wonderful time for students to explore creativity and musical decision making. This interactive session explores the benefits of creating a safe musical sandbox for beginners to learn about improvisation and expression.
Clinician(s): John Pittman   Focus: Band – J/I    Location: London    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Percussion Maker-Music Workshop
Session Description: This workshop is designed to inspire music teachers to build percussion ensembles from items easily sourced and found in any community. We will focus on many different found sounds that can be combined to create a fully functioning percussion band. This could be an entire unit to work through with a class including the making of the instruments, the building of the band, the writing of the original music, and the conducting of the band. Some examples of percussion instruments from the Maker-Music Workshop includes drums made from coffee cans, newspaper boomwhackers, paper plate tambourines, and water bottle shakers to name a few.
Clinician(s): Lorne Lambert   Focus: General Promotional – P/J   Location: International A   Sponsor: Mystic Drumz

Session Title: Warm Ups and Games For Strings
Session Description: Tired of the same warm up routine in your classroom? This workshop with live orchestra will give you fresh ideas to augment your routine. These warm ups focus on a variety of areas such as technique, ensemble, ear training, and composition.
Clinician(s): Pam Bettger & Douglas Friesen   Focus: Strings – All   Location: International C   Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: Help for the Novice Band Teacher
Session Description: We will answer all of your questions from how to get started by creating an ensemble before instruments, how to effectively assign instruments, how to make good sounds, how to manage tone and intonation, as well as how to keep students engaged and where to find helpful resources.
Clinician(s): David Morrison   Focus: Band – I    Location: Peel   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Help for the Novice Band Teacher – Copy 2

Session Title: Acting for Singers
Session Description: This workshop integrates drama techniques for singers to explore. Techniques extend from improvisation, storytelling through lyrics, vocal diction through physical presence, breathing techniques to collaborate the mind, body and soul, and overall instilling in our students the confidence within the full voice and body collaborated harmoniously as one.
Clinician(s): Summer Saiegh   Focus: Choral Promotional – All   Location: Halton
Sponsor: Sparkle Performing Arts Studio

Acting for Singers – OMEA Conference – Summer K. Saiegh

Session Title: Where the Boys Are!
Session Description: Need more young men in your choirs? Practical ideas from a director who started with 11 men and grew them over to 100! What makes it ‘cool’ to sing? How can you get all types of guys singing? Once you bring them into your choir room, how can you keep them, train them and get them hooked so they become your future ambassadors for choral music? Useful strategies for adding to your male membership will be explored.
Clinician(s): Christine Bass   Focus: Promotional Choral – I/S   Location: Aurora    Sponsor: Hal Leonard Corp

Session Title: Introduction to Classical Indian Vocal Technique and Music Theory
Session Description: This workshop is an introduction to the history and theory of classical Indian music with specific focus on vocal art. Artist will share the techniques of using the vocal chord to touch various notes in a chronology and lead participants in several exercises on singing different major and minor notes. The session will include a demonstration by the artist to show how theory is put into practice.
Clinician(s): Shoba Shekhar & Cindy Yip    Focus: World Music Promotional   Location: Toronto A & B Sponsor: MonstrARTity Creative Community

2019 MAY Teacher Package (WEB)

Session Title: Creating a Culture of Excellence
Session Description: Why do students participate in band? How do you encourage students to continue in band, and inspire them to work towards excellence? In this session, we will discuss what goes into an engaging and ongoing band program, and what you can do to help your students achieve satisfying results.

Topics will include:

  • Providing strategies to help students develop a strong sense of intrinsic
  • Ways to shift the narrative to help students achieve and perform at their
  • Approaching challenges by considering the possibilities rather than
  • Reflecting on the teacher’s role in the process, and how this will affect your students’
  • Building

Clinician(s): David Lum & Jacky Siu    Focus: Band – J/I    Location: Montreal A & B    Sponsor: Conn Selmer

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Session Title: Singing and Playing in the Circle and Beyond
Session Description: Come join the circle as we play some new and old singing games that children love to play! Participants will experience a variety of singing games from primary to junior grades that can be incorporated into the regular music classes. The session will also provide tips and teaching suggestions. Audio recording devices are welcome as musical notation for every song is not possible.
Clinician(s): Carolyn Neumann Vanderburgh   Focus: Choral – P/J    Location: Ottawa    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Musical Diversity: Integrating Gospel Music into the Music Classroom
Session Description: For decades, gospel music has influenced several musical genres and popular music performances. This workshop will explore strategies for engaging students in rote learning and ear training while teaching the cultural context and historical impact of gospel music on society. Repertoire selection resources will be provided. Come prepared to sing!
Clinician(s): Darren Hamilton   Focus: Choral – All    Location: Windsor   Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: Fostering Student Leadership Opportunities in Your Music Program
Session Description: Running a music program is a lot of work. On top of all of your duties as a teacher, there are a countless number of tasks that need to be done to keep your program running on all cylinders. You can’t possibly do everything on your own, and more importantly there are likely students in your program who would be happy to gain leadership experience and help their program. This session will offer you lots of proven ideas on how to develop student leadership in your music program.
Clinician(s): Isaac Moore    Focus: I/S   Location: Hamilton    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Music Council Job Descriptions
Student Leadership
The Music Council Constitution

Session Title: Indigenous Perspectives
Session Description: This workshop will build on last year’s session, looking at reasons ‘why’ we should be incorporating Indigenous perspectives into our classrooms and will take teachers through several examples of activities I have included in my program. I will share my settler experience of collaboration with Indigenous colleagues in offering PD sessions for others in the WRDSB who wish to do the same. You will leave with a toolbox of activities and resources, ready to take to your classroom Monday!
Clinician(s): Niki Kazemzadeh    Focus: Elementary   Location: New York    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Integrating Spec Ed Students in Recorder and Band Classes
Session Description: This session will focus on how to accommodate for kids with special needs in an instrumental elementary classroom so that they are integrated into the classroom musical experience. I will share techniques for differentiation in recorder, guitar and band classrooms and tips for creating IEPs with LST teams. I will be including a sharing time at the end for discussion on what works and how we can make instrumental music accessible to all.
Clinician(s): Mary Shortell Poole   Focus: General J/I   Location: Paris    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: How to Create and Sustain Large Guitar Orchestra Programs
Session Description: This workshop will be hands-on. Please bring an acoustic guitar (classical if possible).
The goals will be: 1) To develop teachers’ guitar playing skills; including the positioning and movement of the body, arms, wrist and fingers, in accordance with current best practices in guitar pedagogy, and 2) to introduce teachers to guitar instructional literature situated within a large ensemble format. To this end, we will explore repertoire of varying achievement levels, examine guitar-centric theory quizzes and sight-reading exercises, and discuss how to engage students through expressive music making from the very first notes.
Clinician(s): Patrick Feely   Focus: Strings – I/S   Location: Mississauga A   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Jazz Orchestra Open Rehearsal/Rehearsal Techniques
Session Description: Join Gordon Foote in an open rehearsal with the University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra. Try some inventive rehearsal techniques to improve your ensemble performance, including style, section phrasing, dynamics, articulation, ensemble blend and balance, and intonation. Material for the rehearsal will include a variety of levels, with ideas relevant and applicable to all levels of Large Ensemble rehearsal.
Clinician(s): Gordon Foote   Focus: Band – I/S    Location: Mississauga C    Sponsor: University of Toronto

17. Rehearsal Techniques for the Jazz Orchestra by Gordon Foote
Conductor Check List