Session Title: The Power of Jamming
Session Description: Jamming is a powerful tool for encouraging student creativity and student voice in our classrooms, but it can be intimidating for educators. In this workshop, participants will explore jamming games and activities that facilitate improvisation and “off the page” group music making. Participants will play, sing, and jam in this “no ego zone” and take away the skills they need to empower their students to lead, compose, and improvise in their classrooms. Instruments are provided in this hands-on workshop.
Clinician(s): Katherine Fraser and Mary Moynihan Focus: Elementary P/J Location: London Sponsor: OPUS 100

Slides – jamming (esme at omea)

Session Title: Singing! It Never Goes Out of Style!
Session Description: Come and celebrate the special artistry of children’s choral singing! Carole Anderson and Elaine Choi, seasoned choral conductors, will share repertoire ideas and rehearsal strategies for Primary/Junior and Intermediate school/community choral groups. This session, sponsored by Choirs Ontario, will highlight a wide variety (over 3000!) of titles available through the Choirs Ontario Choral Music library. (And will also provide tips on how to make these works WORK for your choir!) Workshop will include active participation by attendees and a demonstration choir. Featured: warm-ups, movement-based pedagogy, and practical strategies to teaching songs!
Clinician(s): Elaine Choi & Carole Anderson Focus: Choral – P/J/I Location: International A Sponsor: Choirs Ontario


Session Title: Minutes Matter – Developing Efficient Rehearsal Triage Skills
Session Description: Don’t worry about the hangnail when the finger is broken! This conducting workshop session, while also addressing gesture, will primarily help participants hone their abilities to assess the needs of their ensemble and avoid getting mired in minutiae that often result in limited growth and focus.
Clinician(s): Jason Caslor   Focus: Band – I/S    Location: International C    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Teaching the Lower Strings
Session Description: The double bass and cello have many differences from other string instruments. We will discuss these differences. Also, we will offer strategies to keep your lower string players engaged. Gear and basic maintenance will also be discussed.
Clinician(s): Matteo Ferrero-Wong and Dayoung Seo    Focus: Strings- I/S   Location: Peel   Sponsor: OSA


Session Title: Supporting Triangulation of Assessment with Google Apps Gr. 7-12
Session Description: How can triangulation of assessment support student achievement? A look at the issues with traditional assessment methods and how they can be improved by a balanced triangulation of assessment. We will look at quantifying our observations and conversations in order to improve student achievement.
Clinician(s): Jaci Robinson   Focus: Assessment – I/S   Location: Halton    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Vocal Transformation for Secondary School Choirs
Session Description: Practical ways to build your choir’s sound and strengthen individual singers while achieving better choral tone and artistry. Hands on techniques for posture, breathing, support, resonance, and articulation. Participants will engage in problem solving many common choral issues within the rehearsal. A tested, tried and true ‘bag of tricks’ that will enable you to become an exciting vocal pedagogue and transform your singers. Participants will apply these new techniques to repertoire provided to all which will include exceptional selections.
Clinician(s): Christine Bass   Focus: Promotional Choral – I/S   Location: Aurora    Sponsor: Hal Leonard Corp

Session Title: Choral to Orff
Session Description: This practical workshop focuses on how to choose and use choral repertoire selections as a departure point for creative group work in the Orff classroom. Four models of this approach will be presented, each focused on a specific piece of repertoire, complete with lesson ideas, teaching strategies, and assessment tools.
Clinician(s): Alice Malach   Focus: J    Location: Toronto A & B    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Improvising and Composing in the P/J Music Class
Session Description: This hands-on workshop will explore improvisation and composition activities tailored to primary and junior music classes using a variety of media, including voice, body percussion, instruments and technology. Discussion topics will include the role of creative work in music learning, cross-curricular connections and assessment. Workshop materials will include lesson plans and assessment materials that can be adapted for use in participants’ own classes. Participants who have recorders and/or ukuleles are encouraged to bring them to the session.
Clinician(s): Nancy Mitchell   Focus: P/J    Location: Montreal A & B    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: Teaching Band for Non-Woodwind/Brass Majors
Session Description: This workshop is for teachers who majored in voice or non-brass/woodwind instruments and are in a situation where they have to teach instrumental music and conduct a concert band. The workshop will go over some quick shortcuts to get started and ideas for the long term. Practical tips on conducting, and the mechanics of various instruments will be covered, as well as advice on how to guide both beginner and advanced students with their instrument of choice. Hopefully this workshop can help you enjoy the concert band experience and convert you for life!
Clinician(s): Peter Han   Focus: Band – I/S    Location: Ottawa    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Music Theatre in the Elementary School – Yes You Can!
Session Description: Do you love music theatre but are not sure where to start at your school? Have you directed a few musicals but are interested in gaining some helpful tips to make it even better? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this session is right for you. Adrienne will take you through all the steps from the auditions to opening night and everything in between. Get helpful tips on planning rehearsals, organizing young students and running a professional musical on a limited budget. Adrienne has produced 7 musicals with students from grades 4 to 8. She will share her experiences on what worked, what didn’t work, and all she has learned along the way.
Clinician(s): Adrienne Deveau-Wacher   Focus: Choral- J/I    Location: Windsor   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Deveau-Wachner_TheElementaryMusical_Saturday1 (1)

Session Title: Branching Out: Experience the Joy of Making Music with a Mindset on Cross-Curricular Connections
Session Description: Participants will sing, dance, play, and actively participate in musical inter-activities that make intentional connections to the Arts, Literacy, Numeracy, Social Studies, Science & Technology curriculum. Dress comfy and be ready to take lots of practical ideas back to school with you.
Clinician(s): Sylvia Ananthan   Focus: P    Location: Hamilton    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: Indigenous Voices in the Music Classroom
Session Description: In light of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, teachers are called to include Indigenous Knowledge and Music in the curriculum. Questions of appropriate use, resources and how to respectfully approach music and musicians has left many of us feeling anxious about how to proceed. This session will draw on personal experience, consultation with Indigenous Culture Holders, and will provide resources and suggestions on how to proceed in ethical and musical ways.
Clinician(s): Lori-Anne Dolloff   Focus: World Music – J/I   Location: New York    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: The musicians TECH palette
Session Description: Every artist uses a palette of tools to create their work. In this session we will explore a variety of online programs, apps, add-ons, and web-based tools to add to your arsenal of tools as a musician and a music educator.
Clinician(s): Gavin Foster   Focus: Technology- All   Location: Paris Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Finding Funds for Your School Music Program
Session Description: Having good resources in a music program is key to fostering well-rounded, student success: We all want the best possible musical experience and education for our students, but finding the dollars to purchase instruments, music AND supportive learning products is a major challenge. More and more, music educators need funding and financial management skills to thrive. We’ll examine the funding issues that hold us back in Ontario and learn of teacher-driven successes, both locally and across North America, that have turned that story around. We’ll discuss and share creative ideas to fund the resources you need. Let’s build more well-rounded music programs – watch your students & program grow!
Clinician(s): Jean McKen   Focus: Advocacy – All    Location: Mississauga A   Sponsor: Breezin’ Thru Inc.

FundingWorksheet FindingFundsForYourSchoolMusicProgram-Sm

Session Title: Breaking Down Barriers for Jazz Improvisation
Session Description: This workshop focuses on students who have zero experience improvising, and is applicable to all instruments and class formats. Through a variety of games and exercises, it systematically breaks down the elements of improvisation to create a pathway for future growth and expression. It’ll be fun!
Clinician(s): Dave Neill   Focus: Band – I/S    Location: Mississauga C   Sponsor: OPUS 100