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Session Title: Score Studying for Better Performances
Session Description: An introduction to score marking and score studying that will lead to more efficient rehearsals and higher achievement at performances. Mark had the privilege of a life situation that allowed him to return to grad school for conducting, and during that time, he reflected on what he wishes he had known earlier. In short, this workshop is to share the most important lessons for those who have yet to go, or are unable to go to graduate school for conducting.
Clinician(s): Mark Tse   Focus: Band – I/S    Location: London    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: The Recently Changed Voice: Tips and Tricks
Session Description: James will present warmups, strategies and tips for working with young men in Grade 8 and Grade 9, whose voices have just recently changed, and who may not yet be matching pitch properly.
Clinician(s): James Pinhorn   Focus: Choral – S    Location: International A    Sponsor: OPUS 100

WarmUpRoutine2019 Pinhorn

Session Title: Setting up an Inclusive and Interactive Strings Program Right from the Start
Session Description: This session will focus on the challenges of teaching beginner strings students with a wide range of abilities and experiences. Participants will be guided through a demonstration of engaging community building activities, creative warm-ups, and sequenced playing exercises that develop fundamental techniques and ensemble skills.
Clinician(s): Grace Ha & Sandra Wu    Focus: Strings- J/I   Location: Peel    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: Leveraging Digital Using Soundtrap
Session Description: This session will provide some take-away examples of lessons I have developed and used that can be implemented tomorrow using the DAW (digital audio workstation) Soundtrap. Lessons could be transferred to other DAW platforms if Soundtrap is not available.
Clinician(s): Alycia Pindar   Focus: J/I Technology   Location: Halton    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Pindar_Leveraging Digital Using Soundtrap_Nov8

Session Title: Recording 101
Session Description: Taking the steps from buying the gear to hooking it up and beyond.
Clinician(s): Ray Wilson   Focus: General Promotional – All   Location: Aurora    Sponsor: Long & McQuade

Session Title: Swatch – The Girl Who Loved Colour
Session Description: Children’s literature offers richness with text, imagery, repetition, rhyme and vocabulary. Books are a regular component of our music curriculum. They are the perfect way to engage students through all facets of the Arts including Drama, Dance, and Visual art. The book Swatch! The Girl Who Loved Color, by Julia Denos, will quickly engage your students’ imaginations with the beautiful story of a colour tamer and her attempts to capture the elusive “yellow”. Participants will be guided through a series of activities including poetry, Art, Music, Dance and Drama to collaboratively create a final presentation of this artful story.
Clinician(s): Angela Warren and Rose Suter   Focus: General – J   Location: Toronto A & B   Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: Songs and Sounds with Massey Hall
Session Description: Looking to incorporate more songwriting and composition in your day-to-day teaching? This hands-on workshop will introduce some of the free educational initiatives and resources available from the Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall, and how to use them with your students. You’ll take a look at a songwriting resource and work on writing lyrics, chords, and “hooks”, as well as the Massey Hall Sound Museum which encourages students to compose and improvise with preserved and disappearing sounds. You’ll work hands-on with both of these resources in this workshop by writing a chorus and using your mobile device or table to make beats using sounds from the Massey Hall Sound Museum.
Clinician(s): Doug Friesen   Focus: General – ALL    Location: Montreal A & B    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Special Education for the Music Educator
Session Description: Music educators are special educators too! Come and learn the ins and outs of Special Education as it directly applies to Music Education. Learn ways to include all learners in your music class through lesson planning and differentiation strategies. Q&A will round out this unique session.
Clinician(s): Kristen Morrison   Focus: General P/J   Location: Ottawa    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: The Sight-Singing Toolkit
Session Description: Melodic sight singing is a skill that will give your students independence. Focusing on melody using moveable doh and solfege, this workshop will give your students tools for decoding melody, techniques for efficient teaching, and tips for making it fun for your students. Suitable for junior and higher.
Clinician(s): Glenda Crawford    Focus: Choral – J/I/S   Location: Windsor    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: WindStars by Nuvo: An Exciting New Pre-Band Approach
Session Description: WindStars is a pre-band teaching method that can be adapted for any music program. WindStars can help bridge the gap between recorder and beginning band through skills which are instantly transferable to full-sized band instruments. This workshop will encourage active participation and requires no previous experience with wind instruments.
Clinician(s): Brittany Bauman   Focus: Promotional Band J/I   Location: Hamilton   Sponsor: Nuvo Instrumental


Session Title: Exploring Indigenous Music in the Middle and Secondary Music Classroom
Session Description: Appropriation vs. Appreciation…What’s the difference? How can Indigenous Music be shared in a way that is not only culturally relevant and responsive but also respectful to Canada’s Indigenous musicians and artists? This workshop explores both traditional and contemporary Indigenous Music through focused music listening activities using the elements of music as the basis for critical analysis followed by the creative process of soundscape composition based on the Medicine Wheel.
Clinician(s): Mary Ann Fratia   Focus: World Music – I/S   Location: New York    Sponsor: OPUS 100

PowerPoint: Exploring Indigenous Music in the Intermediate and Secondary
Handout: Exploring Indigenous Music in the Intermediate and Secondary Classroom – Fratia

Session Title: Rhythms ‘R’ Us
Session Description: This workshop provides hands-on activities for use in the music classroom. These same activities are adaptable for music classrooms in the J/I/S divisions. The activities use dice, writing their own rhythms and using these to compose and work with others to create a great piece that can be percussive or used in the development of a melody. Come in and be the student for these engaging activities. Rhythm is the key to success for young musicians as it allows them to be creative, problem solve, and extend and grow their musical experience.
Clinician(s): Mary Thornton   Focus: General J/I/S   Location: Paris    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Body percussion grades 3 and 4 NS workshop
boxes for rhythm
Rhythm Template for OMEA

Session Title: #DiscoverListenPlay: Creativity in a Classroom Leads to Musical Creation in Canada
Session Description: Discover and experience Canadian music through CMC’s support for music teachers and their students, i.e. EQ Women in Electronic Music, the Toronto Creative Music Lab, Composer in the Classroom, coordination with collaborating artists, Centredisc releases and Centrevisits. You will engage in activities to support your music program with an expert panel of composers and CMC Directors. CMC is a valuable resource centre for contemporary works by Canadian composers. This includes a library, digital scores, catalogues (band, ensemble and youth orchestra), opportunities to listen to scores online, classroom tools, and access to networks of performers and artists for your music program.
Clinician(s): Holly Nimmons and Nicole Blain   Focus: General – I/S   Location: Mississauga A   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Starting a Ukulele Program
Session Description: Discover how to propose a ukulele program to administration, which ukuleles to purchase, how to set up your classroom, helpful beginner ukulele resources, and the basics of playing the ukulele. Bring a ukulele if you have one.
Clinician(s): Jane Kennedy   Focus: Strings/Ukulele – J   Location: Mississauga B   Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: The Unique Jazz Ensemble: Tailoring the Arrangement to Fit
Session Description: How can music teachers quickly and easily change arrangements to fit their unique big bands? Even when an arrangement is a close match to the abilities of the group, there can still be challenges, e.g., range or technical limitations. This clinic will explain and explore a number of examples.
Clinician(s): Michael Kearns   Focus: Band – I/S    Location: York    Sponsor: OPUS 100

OMEA clinic 2019 handout