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Session Title: Running an Effective Beginning Band Class with Minimal Time and Maximum Efficiency
Session Description: This workshop will focus on how to get a band class up and playing with minimal class time, focusing on class structure and fundamentals as well as technique.
Clinician(s): Bruce Pepper   Focus: Band – I    Location: London    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: Chamber Music in the Strings Classroom
Session Description: This workshop will offer the classroom strings teacher practical, usable advice on using chamber music as a vital part of the strings classroom. Discussions will include the benefits of chamber music, repertoire advice for various levels of players, ideas to work around uneven instrumentation, assessment and evaluation strategies, and the logistics surrounding setting you and your students up for successful chamber music rehearsals.
Clinician(s): Megan Benjafield Focus: Strings – I/S Location: International A Sponsor: Ontario Strings Association

OMEA 2019 Chamber Music Presentation

Session Title: Make and Take Manipulatives
Session Description: In this session, participants will have a chance to use manipulatives with music activities to use in your Music classes. Participants will have a chance to make the manipulatives and then take them home to use in your Music classes!
Clinician(s): Kristie Stanzel   Focus: General P/J   Location: International C    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Stanzel_Session 2_Make and Take Manipulatives

Session Title: The Ensemble vs. the Individual: Changing Times in Vocal Music Education
Session Description: Four vocal music educators will discuss the current trends in vocal Music Education. How can we create effective ensembles AND provide opportunities for individual expression and creation?
Clinician(s): Laura Menard, Sarah Morrison, Carol Ratzlaff, Lee Willingham    Focus: P/J/I/S Vocal Music
Location: Peel    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Teaching the Language of Rhythm
Session Description: The workshop is a series of tutorials demonstrating how teachers can employ our tactile resources to teach the fundamental elements of rhythm in the classroom. We will also demonstrate rhythm games that are designed to give students an opportunity to apply their understanding of rhythm concepts.
Clinician(s): Laurie Oakley    Focus: General Promotional – P/J   Location: Halton   Sponsor: Teaching Aids for Music

Little Hands On Rhythm – Activity Games for OMEA
Rhythm Activity Games Instructions for OMEA

Session Title: Rehearsal Strategies for Intermediate Jazz Bands
Session Description: This session is designed for directors who have middle or high school groups off to a good start and now ask “What’s Next?” Mike Steinel will demonstrate simple drills and exercises to help a young band develop: a more mature swing feel, better balance and blend, improved intonation, more characteristic jazz expression, and sight-reading. Special attention will be given to interpreting Latin, Rock, Second Line and Funk styles, and improvising using more advanced techniques (such as bebop scales, harmonic minor, and chromatic ornamentation).
Clinician(s): Mike Steinel   Focus: Promotional Band – I/S    Location: Aurora    Sponsor: Hal Leonard

Steinel_Rehearsal Strategies for Intermediate Jazz Bands_Friday

Session Title: It’s in the Music! Using Kodály to Build K-6 Music Literacy
Session Description: Learn how to apply Kodály-based sequencing using carefully selected repertoire, including culturally diverse song examples. Strategies will include reading, writing, listening, creating, and singing. Participants will receive a plethora of ideas for use in their classroom.
Clinician(s): Kim Eyre and Gena Norbury Focus: P/J Location: Toronto A & B Sponsor: Kodály Society of Ontario

EyreNorbury_It’s in the Music! Using Kodaly to Build K to 6 Music Literacy_Friday

Session Title: What Adjudicators Want to Hear and See!
Session Description: As an adjudicator at many festivals and currently the chair of the Concert Band Division of MusicFest Canada, Sharon has first hand knowledge of what adjudicators want to see and hear from the bands and small ensembles that enter festivals. From entering the door to finishing the clinic, Sharon will help you in your quest to make the festival experience a great one. She will also share a list of “musts” gathered from adjudicators from across Canada and the United States.
Clinician(s): Sharon Fitzsimmins   Focus: Band – I/S    Location: Montreal A & B    Sponsor: MusicFest Canada

Session Title: Dalcroze
Session Description: Dalcroze Eurhythmics enables music students to experience musical ideas (such as rhythm, phrasing, and harmony) through movement, before engaging in a cognitive reflection. It is a holistic approach, engaging body, mind, and spirit in a social, improvisational, enjoyable, and interactive setting. If you come, prepare to be moved to learn!
Clinician(s): Sharon Dutton   Focus: General P/J   Location: Ottawa    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Beginning Ukulele: Success from the Start
Session Description: The ukulele is appearing in music programs for good reason. It engages students, allows for quick success, and develops musical, fine motor and teamwork skills. This session will focus on establishing a solid foundation in ukulele playing with tips and ideas to try with your students.
Clinician(s): Shanda Lee    Focus: Strings/Ukulele – J   Location: Windsor    Sponsor: St. John’s Music

OMEA 2019 Teaching Ukulele_ Success from the Start

Session Title: Come and Play! My First Musical Composition
Session Description: Discovery through the Arts in Kindergarten! Using edutech tools like Dash and your SmartBoard, let students visualize and create group compositions then go solo using Boomwhackers, water- filled glass jars and xylophones. Notate with Bingo dabbers so others can discover and play. Add QR codes of students performing for audio and visual cues (especially if you use Seesaw already) and there’s a rich discovery task! Come play. It’s easy!
Clinician(s): Mary Walker Hope & Amanda Vallillee Focus: Kindergarten Location: Hamilton Sponsor: OPUS 100  Come and Play! My First 21st Century Composition presentation           Ten Frame composition sheets          Muana What Does Music Look Like Centre sheet          Kangaroo Listening Map from Saint Saens’ Carnival of Animals

Session Title: Indigenous Drum Circle
Session Description: Come experience the POWER of an Indigenous Drum circle. Through active participation, you will learn the significance and protocols of a drum circle, learn to care for an Anishinaabek hand drum and join us in singing traditional songs from different nations. You will also develop an awareness of our shared history.
Clinician(s): Shelley LeSarge & Debbie White Focus: World Music – All Location: New York Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Get Organized with Technology!
Session Description: Want to get organized with your markbook, student data tracking, self-assessments, or sign out instruments using technology? By using technology like Google Apps for Education, we can help you take your books into the digital world. Bring your technology and get an opportunity to start using IT in your room.
Clinician(s): Melanie Lucken & Michael Prowse   Focus: Technology- J/I   Location: Paris   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Gradeless Assessment in the Music Classroom
Session Description: Mayfield Secondary School is working through a gradeless and feedback-based assessment strategy to improve student learning and growth as opposed to numerical values that can be very subjective as it is. Students are able to conference with the teacher at the end of the semester so as to “pitch” a final grade for themselves, based not solely on assessments, but also on improvement throughout the semester in a variety of topic areas. This creates advocacy skills for students in terms of advocating for themselves, as well as for their global citizenship skills and passion for artistic growth.
Clinician(s): Marie Vaduva   Focus: Assessment – I/S   Location: Mississauga A   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Feedback-Based Learning OMEA

Session Title: Going Beyond the Blues – Ideas for Developing Improvisation in Jazz
Session Description: This clinic will focus on developing improvisation skills in young jazz musicians that go beyond the traditional blues scale. Too frequently the standard blues scale is the only thing in the toolbox of the beginning soloist, leading to solos that all sound alike and frequently don’t fit the context of the song being performed. Alternate scales, melodic ideas, phrasing, and listening for style will all be topics of conversation and demonstration.
Clinician(s): Glenn Waugh   Focus: Jazz    Location: Mississauga C   Sponsor: OPUS 100