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Session Title: Choosing Beginning Band Music
Session Description: Choosing quality scores for your beginners is necessary for students to invest in the music. Too often we choose entertaining scores that fail to engage learners, or music that is too practical and unstimulating. This workshop will explore how to choose quality music, motivating your students to perform at the next level.
Clinician(s): Jason Jamieson   Focus: Band – I     Location: London    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: The Perfect Combo …The Marriage of Cuban Rhythms, Jazz and Dance
Session Description: So much to cover – from the keys to music (the clave) to the regional sounds and history of Cuban Music.Clinician(s): Jane Bunnett & Maqueque    Focus: All    Location: International B    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Ask a Music Parent: A Panel Discussion
Session Description: Striving to engage both your student and parent communities? Be inspired and enlightened by parents who value Music Education. This panel of music parents will share their perspectives on Music Education and its role in their child’s success and development during middle/high school, post- secondary and beyond. Hear their insights into STEM/STEAM/STREAM and advocacy, and ask questions. The co-founders of Bandology will moderate this panel, which will give educators a chance to pose the questions they’ve always wanted to ask but were afraid to. Teachers will have a rare opportunity to find out what parents think of music education and what aspects they value the most.
Clinician(s): Lisa Michaels & Peter van Duzer   Focus: Advocacy – All    Location: Peel   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Modern Learning with Ukulele Ensembles
Session Description: Are you curious to explore new recipes that may spark appeal within your ukulele program- ming? In this workshop, participants will evaluate how sight reading, counter melodies, chord progressions, alternate tunings, and finger picking styles can be used simultaneously to bring out the best in all learners.
Clinician(s): Brian Bow and Mark Scarmato    Focus: Strings/Ukulele – J    Location: Halton   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: You need to teach Early Years to Primary/Junior French Immersion Music???? Help is on the way!!!
Session Description: Using only French songs and games, ideas will be shared on how to teach musical concepts! We will be using fingerplays, songs, and games to show how one prepares in the Early Years, identifies the concepts, and practices with the students in the Primary/Junior years.
Clinician(s): Betty Lee-Daigle   Focus: French / Kodály   Location: Aurora    Sponsor: OPUS 100

lee-daigle_youneed to teach EY-P_J FI Music_Friday

Session Title: FUN with Music ‘n Yoga Adventures: Kenya, Africa
Session Description: In this session you will go on a FUN Music ‘n Yoga Adventure to Kenya, Africa. You will create music in the Orff way (play, move, explore, create) and experience yoga. Using your imagination, you will land on your magical yoga mat in Kenya, Africa, where you will meet Maasai warriors and travel down the Congo River. This session is appropriate for JK/K-6. You will leave this session with everything you need to teach your students including: complete lesson plans, online digital video files, and assessment tools. Please wear comfortable clothes. No prior yoga experience is necessary.
Clinician(s): Allison Tipler   Focus: P/J    Location: Toronto A& B    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Kenya-sample-reduced by Nicole 2

Session Title: Better Ears with Bach
Session Description: Want to improve the musicianship throughout your program? Use the absolutely free program at www.371chorales.com. Dianne will get you to try it for yourself, show you strategies she uses with three grade 9/10 instrumental music classes, and present some data on the results.
Clinician(s): Dianne Winmill   Focus: Band – I/S    Location: Montreal A & B    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Composition Pedagogy: How to Incorporate a Developmental Composition Pedagogy into Your Already Amazing Program
Session Description: Using research in Developmental Psychology and Music Education, a model has been developed that helps teachers see where opportunities for authentic composition exist in our curriculum. The focus is on adjusting our pedagogy, not on using a specific method book, program, or BLMs. With a slight shift in thinking and a new perspective, you’ll be more confident composing with your students.
Clinician(s): Megan Parry-Jamieson   Focus: General J/I   Location: Ottawa     Sponsor: OPUS 100

Composition pedagogy MPJ

Session Title: Integrating All Voices
Session Description: Vocal Therapy Techniques (specific to Williams Syndrome, Autism and varying other exceptionalities)
Clinician(s): Claudia Ferro   Focus: Choral- ALL    Location: Windsor    Sponsor: OPUS 100


Session Title: The Care and Feeding of Your Low Brass Section
Session Description: Steve will share his experience as well as some time-tested tips on not only how to develop a strong low brass section in your band, but also WHY you need it. Tying in elements of STEAM in the areas of Physics and the Arts to explain how the low brass section sets up the overtones and intonation for the whole ensemble. Theory and practical applications will be introduced.
Clinician(s): Steve Butterworth   Focus: Band – I/S    Location: Hamilton    Sponsor: Yamaha Canada Music Ltd

Session Title: Time to MOVE! Teaching Music and Dance in an Integrated Approach … and Never Looking Back!
Session Description: Are you excited to be teaching music but terrified at also being responsible for teaching dance? Don’t be afraid! In this workshop, participants will get to experience tried and tested activities for Grades 1 to 6 that directly meet curriculum expectations and simultaneously teach the elements of both Music and Dance. Come and see how these two subject areas so effectively complement and reinforce each other, and how this clinician (with little dance background!) can no longer imagine teaching one subject without the other! All levels of experience and comfort are welcomed and encouraged, and all participants should come knowing they’ll be invited to sing, move, and laugh together!
Clinician(s): Adam Mason    Focus: P/J   Location: New York    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Music Education with the Body in Mind
Session Description: In this experiential clinic, educators will find basic language and tools to help themselves and students discover a balanced sense of their whole body in all types of music making. Topics discussed: how word choice impacts our system, developing kinesthesia and awareness, finding support and ease in sitting and standing.
Clinician(s): Karin Schasny   Focus: All   Location: Paris    Sponsor: OPUS 100

Session Title: Building a Musical Community in Your School
Session Description: This session will explore fun ways to get your whole school involved in musical projects and collaborations (including administration and colleagues!) We will discuss how to handle the challenges that come with teaching everyone in a school and how to combine students together to make cross-division music making opportunities. Participants will leave with lessons and ideas for students from age 4-14!
Clinician(s): Katie Nicholl   Focus: General- All   Location: Mississauga A   Sponsor: OPUS 100

Nicholl_Creating a Musical Culture in Your School_Friday

Session Title: Trusted Titles for Jazz Ensemble
Session Description: The presenter will explore repertoire that works for middle school/high school students, with music demonstrated by the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band.
Clinician(s): Jules Estrin   Focus: Jazz    Location: Mississauga C    Sponsor: Long & McQuade