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Through its professional development, resources, publications and leadership, the Ontario Music Educators’ Association advocates for, promotes and encourages quality music education for every child.

President’s Message

Tony Leong, PhD (2016-2018)

Dear Music Educators,

Welcome to the Ontario Music Educators’ website,!  As members and guests to our music educators’ digital portal, you will find a palette of resources; professional development opportunities; scholarship applications; and opportunities to connect and collaborate with musicians, educators, and experts in the field of music education.

The OMEA is a non-profit organization that speaks on behalf of the Ontario school music teachers with the provincial government and with other Ontario organizations.  Professional development is provided to our members through our resource filled website, quarterly journal (The Recorder), annual provincial conferences, regional workshops, and leadership retreats.  The OMEA Board of Directors consists of twenty-one members who are full time teachers, parents, grandparents, administrators, university professors, industry representatives, and retired teachers.  These members are all volunteers who have chosen to give countless hours of their time to help support and advocate for music education in Ontario with their expertise and leadership.

It is my hope that current and potential members, and visitors to our website, can take advantage of all the resources and support that the OMEA has to offer.   I would like to encourage all our members to take ownership of this website and the OMEA organization by exploring opportunities for leadership and collaboration through connecting and sharing with other outstanding music educators in our province and beyond; take action by continuing your professional development at our annual conferences and local workshops; thumb through our valuable resource, The Recorder; and take advantage of all the resources that have been developed by our membership on our website; and lastly, consider helping out with our conferences, submitting articles to The Recorder, applying to be on a writing team, presenting a workshop at one of our conferences or supporting our toolboxes, attending one of our leadership retreats, sharing resources/ideas/research on our social media outlets – Twitter (@OMEAOntario), Facebook (/OMEAOntario), or Pinterest (/OMEAONCA); and lastly, connecting with our board members to share ideas or support their activities.

 I look forward to the opportunity of meeting, connecting, and collaborating with all of you.  Please don’t hesitate to connect with me at, and I thank you on behalf of all your students for your dedication and advocacy for quality music education in Ontario.


Together we will make a difference in music education.  


Dr. Tony.