The OMEA recognizes that COVID-19 is a topic of great concern for our members. In our attempt to support you and your work, we have begun to compile a list of resources that we feel will be helpful to music educators.

Members are encouraged to bookmark the page and check back periodically for updates as we continue to build a comprehensive list of resources specific to music education.

Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive, and the OMEA have not thoroughly vetted the information contained in the links. You should always be following the direction of your local health authorities, and local board policies around your response to this situation. These resources are for your information and consideration only, and the OMEA makes no official claim to their accuracy or authority. As always, exercise your professional judgement.

Thank you for your continued work to serve our profession in these challenging times.

Members can submit new resources for this list to for possible inclusion on our list.