As we approach interview season, The OMEA Administrative Advisory Council has developed some thoughts and ideas around interview preparation.  We hope you find the following helpful and we wish you all the best!

 In preparation:

  • research the school website
  • be aware of school’s overall goals
  • review Twitter feeds, teacher websites, school focus (e.g., Equity and Inclusion, Social Justice, Inquiry)
  • make connections to what you have learned about the school to the music classroom

Interview Sample Topics/Questions:

  • Building Community: Share ways you build community in your classroom and/or the larger school community
  • Collaboration: Share a time you worked effectively with a team.  What skills and strengths did you bring to the team.  How did your contributions impact the outcome? How did students benefit from this collaboration?
  • Planning: Reflect on planning process, collaborative planning, consideration of special needs, ELL learners etc.
  • Assessment: For, As, and Of learning
  • Inquiry – Be prepared to share your participation in teacher collaborative inquiry and/or student inquiry project.
  • Equity – Considering the seven equity lenses, describe how you ensure equity in the music classroom.  Provide a specific example using one or more of the lenses.
  • Knowing your learners – Differentiation and meeting the needs of all your learners – How does this affect your planning and teaching?
  • Literacy and Numeracy – How does your work in the music classroom promote and support this work in schools?
  • Technology – How is it incorporated in the music classroom?
  • Describe a time when collaboration was a challenge.  How did you manage this challenge?
  • Describe how you have been an advocate for a vulnerable student.
  • Data Analysis

Whenever possible, support your answers using specific examples from your work in the music classroom.